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Writer's Block: High notes

If you could only listen to one music genre for the rest of your life (classical, rock, jazz, etc.), what would you choose, and why?

Lady Gaga forever <3

Oh, I always forget about this

So lately Ive been doing a lot. School, work, homework, and now I'm working on some film stuff.
Snow is supposed to come tonight, not looking forward to it. I'm cold enough already.
My friend came home and visited this weekend and we had a good time.
Some people helped me greatly this weekend. They were in a short film I shot :) I'm so happy for friends who will help me :)


Okay, sorry, I just love the writer's block questions on the home page. I love sifting through the old ones that I missed/didn't see before. Real entry time.
So, yesterday Ben helped rearrange my room. It was great. He is very strong! =] I now have a futon in my room. Hooray! Thank you, Ben! =]
Tomorrow night, I'm having a blasty blast.
This month,  I figured things would calm down, but if anything I feel like it got sped up. It sucks. But I love what I have going on, don't get me wrong. 
I'm working on getting the YMCA Civitan lock in together. We have to call the Y for some things and get things set in stone. It's a few weekends away. Eek! 
I'm considering a second tattoo. Some ideas, but not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. I know kind of where I want it, but I don't know for sure what I want yet. 
Ben's getting his first on Wednesday =] and I am thrilled for that day for other reasons as well. I can't say anything yet, but once I can. I will.

I'm going to start doing my online show soon. Hopefully next Monday. I am hoping my cold will be gone by then. If not, it's going to suck. =[
Anyway! I've got several new life plans that  I can't wait to start working towards. I'll tell you about it later though once I know more for sure what I'm hoping to accomplish.

I am officially looking for an agent. So I can get published.

I'm also checking out prices of DJ equipment because that is part of the new plan.
A good friend of mine and I also have something in the works. I can't wait for it. I've got some ideas and I can't wait to look into them a little more.
I can't say too much because i don't want to stop our progress.

I think I'm going to take a nap then study for sociology. Yay school! 


Writer's Block: What is your muse?

If you're trying to create something, like a story, a composition, or a design, etc., do you find yourself imagining how others will react to it? Does that impede or enhance the creative process?

When I'm writing something, I try  very hard to ignore the idea of people reacting to it. I think that if you imagine how people will react, it's going to change the outcome. I think it impedes the process. I'm afraid I'll shape the people or characters to fit what I want people to see them as instead of letting them form themselves and let the reader take them for what they are.
I don't know. Maybe that's just me.

oh hey it's november.

apparently my life never slows down until it's summer.
work, school and civitan have consumed me for october. it has come and gone. totally worth it though. zombie farm did lovely =]
the juniors were fantastic workers and they were so much fun to work with, i look forward to the other things we've got going on with them! 

nanowrimo has officially started. november 1-30, 50,000 words---a whole novel. hooray. can't wait.
i've started mine. i'm hoping to incorperate some really insane things i've got going on in my head. can't wait to tap into this stuff upstairs. 

i'm looking forward to organizing the junios lock in at the Y this month.
new moon comes out that same week. thrilled. =]

homework time. 
oh, signing up for classes for next semester soon. hopefully i'll get the schedule that i want. 

might get to see lady gaga live. yay! =]

ben and i are approaching 1 year hooray nov11. =] 
he's getting a tattoo (not about us, something else that's really cool) and i've got a big surprise for him. 
i'm considering a second tattoo actually. we're also considering going out to california for a vacation sometime.

anyway, it really is homework time.

also, i plan to launch the web show soon. I'm looking at next monday night. Mondays will be a good night i think.
i'm going now for real.

Writer's Block: What is your muse?

If you're trying to create something, like a story, a composition, or a design, etc., do you find yourself imagining how others will react to it? Does that impede or enhance the creative process?

When I write, I find that when I think about how others will react to it, I get bogged down in needing it to be great and well written. It never happens that way. You have to work to make it perfect and the first draft is never perfect and when I try to make it be perfect, I can't get a word out. I have to write for myself and think of only how I am reacting to it. Once I can declare myself done with the first draft, going through and wondering how people react to the story being told is easier because I got the initial ideas out of the way and I can change anything that I want to change/needs to be changed. It's easier to write for yourself the first time around, if you need to change things for someone else later so be it. But it should always be the same message you were trying to send in the first place. It should always be yours, and you shouldn't make it into something else for someone else. If you're not happy with the end product, it's not finished.  

It's only a matter of time.

September was busy for me. August picked up, too. We went out of town a couple of times. September was filled with school and editing and Civitan. October is mostly work, Civitan, school, homework, editing, and hanging out with Ben and whoever else who catches me at a good time. Fall Fest was this past week. It was fun. We went out there several times during the week and then everyone played tag on Saturday and by tag I mean we kept losing each other and finding each other and then having to separate again. It was stressful, but I am just glad I got to see everyone since they were all visiting for the weekend. We went through Zombie Farm. It was a lot of fun. I encourage everyone to come through the house sometime this month. We're open Thursdays-Sundays.

No Scares 6-6:45pm, Scares 7-9pm.
No Scares 6-6:45pm, Scares 7pm-12am 

For coupons: www.zombiefarm.net
Or if you run into me, there's a possibility I may have some on me.

I've been writing more. I actually posted something on my old FictionPress account the other day. I'm planning on uploading another piece soon. I'm also going to be submitting both pieces that I put up there this month to a writing contest the school is having. It's this "Writing away hunger" Project they're doing. For every submission, the entry fee is a canned food (list of items they give you). So, I think I'm going to submit two pieces since they're both just about a page or less than a page really.

I've also got a few bigger projects started. I'm excited about both and I've got a person or two that I'd like to read them. But I'm already asking someone to help me discuss the current writing project, so I would not want to stretch myself everywhere and get none of them accomplished. I'll set two on the back burner while I finish up with the current.
I think one could be a script, the other a story. I don't know. I'm still playing with them.

I saw zombieland and whip it. Both were good. I'd recommend them both and I'd see them again. Also, saw Jennifer's Body. loved it. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried both did great jobs, I don't care what others thought of the movie. I liked it a lot. I got the soundtrack, most of the songs are really good. 
 I also finally got my hands on Past, Present and Future by Rob Zombie/White Zombie for cheap and I'm really enjoying listening to that stuff. I hadn't listened to Zombie since I was like 16-17. I just watched House of 1000 Corpses for the first time in years, I had forgotten how much I liked that one.

I've got an essay to write for Monday, and I'm going to actually attempt to start it tonight.
UGhhh why don't I own the new movie version of Mamma Mia???

Things I've been up to

I have a lot of dreams and sometimes I get really motivated. I'm currently reading Sherlock Holmes, and I feel like I can relate to him. We have both have bouts of energy and laziness. Except I don't have a cocaine addiction that I turn to during the lazy bouts.  I'm in a motivated kick at the moment.
I write a lot. A lot more lately than I had been. This is making me happier. I am researching painting, and I'm going to start painting as a hobby. I've already gotten a few ideas about it. Another hobby of mine is that I like to film things and take pictures. 
I'm ready to spend a couple hundred on equipment and software to filming supplies right now. This morning I started editing my current story and this afternoon I began looking around for filming equipment. Later, I am going to work. After work, I think I will edit some more and maybe get on BlogTV for a while to discuss all this stuff. I think i'd rather do the editing things though, instead. It's a better use of my time. 
Other things I've been up to, spending as much time as possible with my friends before they go back to school for the fall semester. 
I think I am going to go back to working with my manuscript. 

Paranoia, Disney Channel, and Orphan

I'm always really scared that if I put too much information on the Internet, that some of my ideas will get stolen and stuff. So I try to keep my ideas to myself, so no one else can take credit for my thoughts and whatever. I think this paranoia is getting in my way, but I am going to continue living by this silly rule of mine. No way am I going to let my thoughts be stolen. I've got a lot of stuff bouncing around in my head though. I think I am going to start using my fiction press account more often. I haven't had much to stick up there since I've been working on my novel.
Disney Channel is addicting. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, That's So Raven, and Kim Possible are all shows that I am pretty much living off right now, I can't get enough of any of the shows. The only shows I really hate are Jonas and Sonny WIth a Chance. What's funny is that I could totally watch So Random! which is the show that Sonny with a chance about, like..."it's a comedy show about a comedy show" and the comedy show within sonny with a chance is called so random and I really think that is entertaining, but i don't think that sonny with a chance is entertaining. Oh! I also like Suite life over On Deck. I don't really like when they are on a boat because Maddie is not in the show anymore. She's too busy with Phineas and Ferb and doing other stuff. I am excited she's doing the whole singing thing and I really love P&F so I'm glad she's on that, candace is funny.
I am seeing Orphan tomorrow at 1 o'clock., I can't wait! it seems really different from other "scary movies" that have been released since circa the ring. Shit like the grudge, dark water, black room or whatever else there is. it's all about asian babies out to get you. what happened to the shit like carrie? that movie was really great. Everyone I've talked to says that orphan really surprised them. i can't wait! 

So this whole My Guest feature that LJ is coming out with, I can't say I'm not intrigued. I'm not sure I will use it. Not because i'm not curious, but because i don't think i will know how to use it. there is some feature called LJ chat? or something and i don't even know what it is.
It's funny that I am watching Cory in the house, the first disney channel show spin off and i can't stand it, yet i like it now...i'm a freak. i'm afraid i will start liking demi lovato. i hope not, i can't stand her. i realized she is the dumbest disney kid and yet she has TWO dcoms. NONE of my favorites have 2 dcoms. i'm so upset. i'm also not happy that a freaking BAND has a show on the channel. what's stupid is that jonas kids and demi both were in camp rock together, and i hate them both a lot and now they both have their own stupid shows. UGH. lame. i know if i'm talking about them or me. probably both qualify.

I saw Funny People last night. It was all right. Better than I expected, especially from Adam Sandler. But Apatow wrote/directed it, so i guess it was bound to be better than i was expecting. I also saw The Ugly Truth the other day, it was all right. Wasn't a let down but didn't leave a lasting impression upon me.
My cousin won a scholarship earlier this week. I was proud of her. =] congrats to her again.
Julie and Julia comes out on august 7, so next friday! woo! hopefully i will get to see it that week/weekend sometime. =]
I think i am going to skip on seeing the collector for now. i will catch it while it's on dvd or something.

Some friends and I are going to plan a day trip to the zoo.
I hate how they think that the "Camp Rock Phenomena" exists. Demi, you are wrong. Sorry.

I did stuff all day. and then worked all evening. I am ready to pass out.

Julie and Julia and other things

So, Julie and Julia is the new book I have decided to read, instead of picking up one that is waiting for me. After I finish it, I plan on reading through Eclipse again so I can make sure I include all the main plot points in the new script for our next Barbie movie.
Today we went to GotG, and it was really fun, even though it was a bit rainy/cloudy. We didn't get to go to the lake, but that's okay. We're already planning another trip to the place, on a sunny, nice day sometime next week or the week after maybe. I don't know just yet. I hope it works out though.

Let's see, what else do I have to talk about? I don't know really if I've got anything else to say today.
I went to my second bar ever. The first was for a show when I was about fourteen or fifteen. Today, I was at one for my grandma's birthday. Both times, I've been under age and with my parents. I found both times to be kind of weird.
I am wasting time. I want to read Julie and Julia and watch Sweeney Todd and rearrange the posters and furniture in my room, too.
I think that I am going to discontinue this update. I don't really have much to say at the moment anyway.